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Gill McGregor - Floristry and Flower Arranging

Courses and Workshops for Floristry, Flower Arranging, Professional and Traditional Crafts

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Flower Arranging Courses

Club and Group Booking

Is your Club or Group looking for something refreshingly different?


Floral Art Workshops

Gill is a National Teacher forNAFAS and a fully qualifiedFurther Education flower arranging teacher, who can  travel to your club or group to provide floral art workshops at your local facility, community/ village hall.

Floral Art Demonstrations

As a NAFAS Floral Art Demonstrator Gill's NAFAS demonstration audiences benefit hugely from Gill's combined talents where she creates designs that enthrall, entertain, educate and inspire in a delivery that is refreshing and humorous.

Why not book Gill for a Floral Art Dem and a workshop to help club finances?

As Gill is an experienced and qualified teacher and demonstrator, Gill often receives bookings to deliver both a floral art performance and then teach a programme of one or two day workshops when asked to travel a distance. Titles and workshops are designed to satisfy each clubs requirements.

So why not organise a 'Double Date'? - and reduce overall costs and help club finances

Day 1 - Flower Club Demonstration
Day 2 - Flower Club Workshop

Gill McGregor NAFAS Demonstrator

Gill has taken her life long investment and put it into running her own private floristry and flower arranging college to teach aspiring business owners, career changers, budding and advanced flower arrangers.  


Gill has been a member of NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arranger Society) since she was just 11 years of age and performed her first role as a floral art demonstrator at just 16. Gill feels that she was so fortunate to have discovered NAFAS that she encourages everyone who has an interest in flower arranging to seek out their nearest NAFAS flower club; 'Enter competitions and express yourself, enjoy making and creating, it is not the winning but the participating as art is subjective and if others like what you do, so much the better'.


Gill has travelled the world demonstrating her artistic talents to audiences in countries that include; Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, and to many parts of the UK and able to vary her delivery from audiences ranging from 20 to thousands.

Her passion evolved from creating floral designs to win competitions into a career path where she sought to run her own floral art business. At 19 Gill had secured her first qualification as a florist and her first employed position in a London West End florist; securing her first management role in her third week.

Flower Arranging Courses

Gill continued to pursue her love of flower arranging by studying flower arranging at college in the evening; whilst continuing as a floristry retail manager by day. Such was her prowess that her college encouraged her to become a flower arranging teacher; becoming a flower arranging teacher in the evening in her early 20's whilst continuing in floristry retail by day. Gill also continued her studies in Floristry achieving the highest certification before becoming a qualified floristry teacher. Gill's success straddled these two worlds to become a further education manager and teaching both floristry and flower arranging at their highest level.

Picture inset - Gill Demonstrating at the Cuffley Hall - Macmillan Cancer Support - World's Biggest Coffee Morning - Raising ÂŁ1293


Gill also provides emergency cover for other demonstrators at short notice and manages her NAFAS commitments typically two years ahead.

What NAFAS clubs say;

' An evening of humour, different designs and wonderful use of colour ' > More > follow link

Flower Arranging Books '50 Techniques Used in Contemporary Floral Designs'

Seventy different floral designs of distinction were created and photographed to visually illustrate the “50 Techniques used in Contemporary Floral Design”.

With Gill's expertise in floral design she explored the definitions used by both NAFAS and the florist industry and used her floral design expertise to create designs that depict Gill's interpretation. 

A flower arranging and floristry book written for experienced flower arrangers and florists and as a learning resource for students studying Contemporary floral design.

By simply 'thumbing' through the pages you can look through the 70 different designs created for the book to perhaps become inspired to use a technique in your next design that gives it even more distinction.

Otherwise step through the alphabetical ordering of the book and thereby use it as a visual reference to identify what a technique looks like when used in a design.


This book also includes photographic ideas of structures and containers which can be self made some of which are featured in Gill’s previously written “Contemporary Floral Design Ideas and Techniques” Booklets: six are from Booklet-2 and one is featured in Booklet-1. The Booklets provide colour photography of the completed design and a written description as to how it can be made.

For the self made containers a collection of photographs are provided to further show the construction methods and are again supported by a comprehensive written description as to how they can be made.

As an experienced Flower Arranging Teacher, Floristry Teacher and Flower Arranging Demonstrator Gill McGregor has specialised in Contemporary Floral Design and knows how important it is to include Contemporary techniques within floral designs to create Floral Designs with distinction.

(UK and NI - other countries vary - see below for details).

"50 Techniques Used in Contemporary Floral Designs".
ISBN 978-0-9929332-0-3. Full colour photography and supporting text, A5 portrait, 56 pages including covers.

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Flower Arranging Credentials

Gill has performed 1000s of Floral Art demonstrations and entertained 10,000s of club members at NAFAS Flower Clubs in the London and Overseas, Home Counties, East of England, Kent, BBO and Surrey Areas. A Flower arranger since the age of 11, Gill was on the adult flower arrangers, competitor’s circuit at the age of 14; winning a host of different competitions and awards. At 16 Gill performed her first Floral Art demonstration and became a qualified NAFAS Flower Arranging demonstrator in 1992. As a fully qualified Flower Arranger Gill has taught Traditional Flower Arranging and Contemporary Floral Art classes and workshops; receiving hosts of compliments for their course content and her teaching delivery. For many years Gill was a Floral Art scheme adviser for City and Guilds and wrote the current suite of C&G Level 1-3 Flower Arranging qualifications. Flower Arranging has always been Gill’s passion and she continually strives to design and develop new Floral Art Techniques and Designs for the Floral Art World.


Floristry Credentials

Gill McGregor NDSF is a fully qualified florist holding the Society of Floristry NDSF Diploma, equivalent to the current Level 5 C&G Floristry qualification, a fully qualified Further Education (FE) teacher and the holder of the Certificate of Education. Gill's expertise for developing courses is achieved through her vast experiences; in the management of thriving retail floristry businesses in London for 12 years, running a floral and balloon decorating business specialising in wedding designs and decor and participating in wedding fashion shows. As Gill’s passion and enthusiasm for teaching developed Gill successfully grew and headed up an OFSTED Grade 1 Floristry department in a specialist FE College for many years.
Heavily involved in the promotion of the Florist industry Gill participated in the writing of City and Guilds Floristry qualifications for over 20 years and has demonstrated Floristry skills and techniques at eminent Floristry shows in the UK, Essen, Paris and Kansas. Gill received the prestigious City and Guilds silver medal (highest accolade) for her achievement in the Level 4 Floristry Business Procedures qualification in the UK. Over the years Gill has taught 1000s of Floristry students with many running successful businesses in London and the Home Counties.


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Booklet-2: Flower Arranging with 18 Contemporary Floral Design Ideas and Techniques

Courses run in idyllic local settings which include character hotels and approved facilities in the Hertfordshire - London ⁄ Middlesex, Cheshunt, Goffs Oak and Waltham Abbey; dependent on anticipated course delegate numbers. Refreshments are provided.

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