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Gill McGregor - Floristry and Flower Arranging

Courses and Workshops for Floristry, Flower Arranging, Professional and Traditional Crafts

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Next available flower arranging course for 2021 Calendar >>>

"Striking Summer Workshop #1 " This fun flower arranging workshop enables you to create both an April Artistry Contemporary table design plus an eye catching free standing arrangement and each incorporates the use of leaf manipulation to enhance their visual impact.

Gill McGrgor

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Booklet-2: Flower Arranging with 18 Contemporary Floral Design Ideas and Techniques

Courses run in idyllic local settings which include character hotels and approved facilities in the Hertfordshire - London ⁄ Middlesex, Cheshunt, Goffs Oak and Waltham Abbey; dependent on anticipated course delegate numbers. Refreshments are provided.

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