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Gill McGregor - International Floral Art Designer, Author, Demonstrator & Teacher

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Entertainment and Education

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    Finding a World Filled with Flowers, Floral Designs and Likeminded People

    That’s what happened to Gill, aged 11 years old, at a floral art event held by a local NAFAS ( National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies ) flower club, Bush Hill Park, at a local school. Gill was fascinated by what she saw and found a show schedule for the next show; which had a competition for children.

    When we are inspired, we go on to do great things and Gill’s passion is to share her inspiration.

    The turning point in Gill’s life was her interpretation of the title ‘An Arrangement in an Unusual Container’. Starting first in the children’s competitions, and then competing with adults at age 14, Gill was ‘hungry’ to know more about this art form and purchased her first book on the Elements and Principle of Design – by Jean Taylor. Gill has often expressed that once she understood the Elements and Principle of Design, she gains as much pleasure in the design process as she does when arranging the floral content.

    Flower Arrangering & Floristry

    Gill has studied floral art and design in all its settings; both as a craft and hobby and commercially as a Florist within the retail, merchandise industry. With her suite of Flower Arranging and Floristry qualifications and teaching degree, Gill has written qualifications for both fields and is passionate to demonstrate and teach those skills  whilst performing floral design demonstrations, teaching workshops and courses and through her writing of published themed floral design books.

    Gill taught her first adult education class at a Further Education college at 22 years old. Gill became a West End of London Floristry Shop Manager at 20 years of age, creating and supplying floral designs for many brides plus supplying floral designs for many commercial clients that included, for example, the Dorchester Hotel.

    Meeting and inspiring people to discover more about floral design has been an absolute joy for Gill on her travels around the UK, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, around Europe including Ireland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, further afield including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and the USA, including Las Vegas and Chicago.

    Where to find out more

    Gill also loves to share her floral design and arrangement ideas through a number of recently published flower arranging books which are available to purchase from NAFAS. Gill also makes videos available for free on her website and through YouTube.com/c/gillmcgregor

    NAFAS was founded in 1959 unifying and guiding many thousands of people interested in this beautiful art form, bringing clubs and societies together, running events, exhibits and competitions. You could also start your search to seek out your nearest NAFAS flower Club and maybe, discover a love that will last a lifetime.

    Gill McGregor’s Next Flower Arranging Book

    The Floral World is changing, with a move to use less floral foam, both from the RHS and other organisations. Whilst the leading manufacturer is working hard to make their brands fully biodegradable, Gill has been working to create complete floral art designs that can be made and raffled in NAFAS floral art club meetings through her Foam Free – Volume 1’.

    Gill has taken foam free floral designs to a new level with a series of inspirational ideas that enable the reader to create designs that look exactly like they have been created in floral foam, in Gill's latest book – How to.. Alternative Mechanics for Foam Free Floral Designs, Volume 2' by Gill McGregor, which launched, to great excitement, during the NAFAS National Show in May 2023

    What a lovely gift idea

    Research has shown that receiving a gift of a flower creates and instinctive level of pleasure so can you imagine how much pleasure the flower arranger, you, may get when you create a design to give this pleasure to others.

    Gill has taught thousands of florists and thousands of flower arrangers and demonstrated floral design with humour and education, to thousands more.

    Why not book a Double Date? - and reduce overall costs and help club finances

    You can book Gill as a qualified floral art demonstrator, and/or a qualified floral art workshop teacher for your: local club meeting, your open day, your area day, your next floral workshop of floral design where your members can discover new floral ideas.

    For clubs further afield why not book a double date, with a floral art demonstration one day and a Workshop the next day?

    Day 1 - Flower Club Demonstration
    Day 2 - Flower Club Workshop


    Booking enquiries Tel: 01707 873944


    Gill McGregor on Facebook  Gill McGregor College on Facebook, and at www.gillmcgregor.com

    or email us at enquiries@gillmcgregor.com