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  • How to.. Go Greener Floral FOAM FREE - Volume 1 - by Gill McGregor
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Flower arranging; Cupping Technique with a curved line of roses.



This floral art video lesson explains how to leaf-manipulate using the 'cupping technique' whilst arranging a curved line of 10 roses around and effective Pussy Willow structure; - Easy to follow lesson -

In my book "50 Techniques Used in Contemporary Floral Designs" you will find the many different contemporary flower arranging techniques that can be used when creating contemporary floral designs.


Flower arranging sweeping curve with roses'
Flower Arranging Video Lesson showing a curved line of roses and the Contemporary Flower Arranging Technique - Cupping
Designed and Created by: Gill McGregor


It isn't so easy to discover and become involved in flower arranging these days and this means that many people could miss out on this amazing hobby and for others, an amazing career. These videos help you to dip your toe in - for free - so if you like what you see you will be pleased to know that I will be adding more free videos showing different styles of floral art design and using different types of 'recognised' contemporary flower arranging techniques; so that you have a growing free resource to use.

Something else to consider! One or more of your friends might find flower arranging of interest too and the easiest way for them to discover this would be for you to ask them to also take a look some of my videos and who knows you may both be joining a local flower club; spurned on by what you have learnt here - happy flower arranging

For those already interest in flower arranging, I have also produced a collection of flower arranging books

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We thought to do this as we all adjust our lives so that we eventually defeat Covid-19.

A new series of "How To .." flower arranging videos to entertain, to inspire, to educate and remind ourselves of the beauty of this art.

These designs were created using available garden materials and everything we flower arrangers love to hoard, or using everyday objects in different, flower arranging, ways.

These flower arranging videos are for everyone who likes the idea of making floral designs at home, learning more about flower arranging or just being entertained.