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Gill McGregor - International Floral Art Designer, Author, Demonstrator & Teacher

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8 Different flower arranging books to read

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  • Flower Arrangement Suitable for a Coffee Table.



    Gill shows you how to create beautiful arrangement that can be placed on a coffee table; as an alternative to creating a hand tied design.


    The design uses a plastic bowl to support the floral foam which is inserted into the top of the glass vase; the vase will eventually be filled with water.


    Gill begins the arrangement by placing ivy leaves to create a simple frill; which starts to hide the floral foam. The design is created using a variety of different materials which introduce a number of different textures and forms; adding greater visual impact. Gill also explains how to roll aspidistra leaves which add extra visual impact before placing her choice flowers.


    'The design is created using a variety of different materials which introduce a number of different textures and forms'
    Flower Table Arrangement - Flower Arranging Video Lesson - Free to watch
    Designed and Created by: Gill McGregor
    Published by: Gill McGregor College Publishers


    It would be lovely to have your help!


    It isn't so easy to discover and become involved in flower arranging these days and I would like to make it easier for everyone to discover this amazing hobby and for others, an amazing career.


    My flower arranging videos are designed to give flower arrangers new ideas for their next floral design and to help those that are novice to 'dip their toe' into flower arranging - for free - by presenting different styles of floral art design and using different types of 'recognised' contemporary flower arranging techniques; so that you have a growing free resource to use as I add more videos.


    One or more of your friends may also love flower arranging and I would ask you to encourage them to take a look my videos; so we can spread the word about this amazing hobby. Who knows you may both be joining a local flower club; spurned on by what you have learnt here.


    - happy flower arranging.