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Flower Arranging Lesson 2 - A Vertical Flower Arrangement


In this flower arranging video lesson I show you how you can use the same leaves in three different ways so that they add even more visual impact to a design.


I start the design by showing you the cutting/sculpturing of the Areca palm leaves - not all leaves can be cut as some bruise and not all seal. The leaves can also be used in their natural form, which has the added advantage of showing what the leave looks like before the alterations. Last I used plaited palms that transform the flat - 2 dimensional leaf - into a 3 dimensional form that additionally provides enclosed space.


To see how to plait palm leaves you should also watch the Free Flower Arranging Video 'Leaf Manipulation Plaiting Palm Leaves'



Contemporary Flower Arranging - A video showing you how to create a contemporary floral design
Flower Arranging Lesson 2
Designed and Created by: Gill McGregor


I will add video lessons so that you have a growing free resource to use.


You can see the many different floral art techniques used in contemporary floral design in my book "50 Techniques Used in Contemporary Floral Designs"

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