Entertainment and Education in a Virtual World

What Gill´s audiences say

So beautiful - some of my favourite flowers - orchids and roses xx - DS

Simple but stunning - JM

I love how she’s explaining her mechanics in such detail - JM

lovely and bright both designs - IT

Fab colours! - JW

that’s really lovely - what a great idea! - J

wow I love this - C

She makes it look so easy! - JM

Stunning - SW

I would be delighted if someone made this for me, I really love this idea. - JW

A workshop idea ladies? - JW

That’s so clever. - JM

Fabulous designs, ideas and evening - IT

Wow!  I might just have to try that! - JM

What lovely ideas - BE

It has been a lovely evening - BE

Gill is so clever, explains and teaches and innovates! A fabulous demonstrator. - DS

She’s been absolutely lovely - a real lift to the spirits which was just what we all needed I’m sure. - JM

Thank you Gill, I really enjoyed that! - IR

Thank you for a lovely evening, Gill was amazing .keep safe all - PH

until the next time - LM