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Gill McGregor - International Floral Art Designer, Author, Demonstrator & Teacher

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8 Different flower arranging books to read

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  • Time-lapse : Interconnecting - Contemporary Floral Design


    This is an "interconnecting" design style - one component links to another


    Stop, rewind, play, and practice the design yourself.


    If you enjoyed watching one of my free video lessons and go on to create one of the designs for yourself, then I invite you to send me a photo of your work so I can see how you have done -



    If you would like to see each of the 50 different techniques that are used in contemporary floral design, please see my book of the same name which you can purchase here from our website.


    I will be adding new free flower arranging videos - so please keep coming back to check


    Contemporary Flower Arranging - A video showing the contemporary floral design technique; Interconnecting
    Flower Arranging Video Lesson showing the Contemporary Flower contemporary floral design techniques including plaiting palm leaves, tubing & looping
    Designed and Created by: Gill McGregor


    I will add to my video lessons file so that you have a growing free resource to use.


    It isn't so easy to discover and become involved in flower arranging these days and this means that many people could miss out on this amazing hobby and for others, an amazing career. These videos help you to dip your toe in - for free - so if you like what you see you will be pleased to know that I will be adding more free videos showing different styles of floral art design and using different types of 'recognised' contemporary flower arranging techniques; so that you have a growing free resource to use.

    Something else to consider! One or more of your friends might find flower arranging of interest too and the easiest way for them to discover this would be for you to ask them to also take a look some of my videos and who knows you may both be joining a local flower club; spurned on by what you have learnt here - happy flower arranging

    For those already interest in flower arranging, I have also produced a collection of flower arranging books

    More Flower Arranging At Home Videos >

    We thought to do this as we all adjust our lives so that we eventually defeat Covid-19.