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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do we use Zoom?

It is popular, freely available and helps us to create a more ‘live in the moment’ togetherness that normally happens when we experience events in the ‘real’ world. See and speak with your friends, family, as the event starts.


So what is Zoom?

Zoom is software, an application/ program, that allows people to see and speak to each other over the internet. Zoom is a great way for us to get together and enjoy the wellbeing this creates while we socially distance ourselves to keep us all safe.


Do you need to join Zoom?

To join one of our events you do need to have a Zoom account and also to have downloaded the latest version of the software.


Zoom is free for you to use.
Many people already use Zoom to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues. To start using zoom just visit www.zoom.us 


Is this easy?There are 2 steps.

1/ We want to make this process as easy as possible so when you purchase your ticket we send you a link that both helps you join Zoom and let’s you pre-register yourself for the event you bought your ticket for. Zoom then sends you a passcode to the email address you registered with.

2/ As the time and date of the event you registered for approaches you should, again, login during the quarter of an hour before the event starts – use the supplied meeting ID and Passcode with the email address you registered with.  We open the ‘doors’ 15 minutes before the show starts so that you can get in through Zoom successfully before the performance starts.

What about my internet connection?
We use a high speed internet connection and broadcast our presentation in FHD. We unfortunately do not have control over the route this takes to you so as a rule of thumb, the bigger your screen, the greater the need for your broadband stability and the higher the speed. Put another way, if you have a slow or intermittent connection then you may have problems on the day if your broadband can’t keep up, it could, occasionally jump for example.


ls my ticket just for me?
Yes it is, but you can always buy another ticket for a friend.


What if I am a member of a flower club; for example?
We also offer group bookings for up to 40 tickets, up to 60 tickets, up to 90 tickets, and beyond, simply enquire to gill@gillmcgregor.com


Are there any rules
When you arrive you can chat and once the show starts we ask that you mute yourself, much like a ‘real’ world event; no phones ringing, etc. Have your favourite nibble and drinks ready and enjoy the performance.


How do I buy a ticket?

In each of the different show weeks, click the picture to reveal, different dates and times, tickets to purchase. We then send you your ticket link.


How do I use my ticket?
When we send you the link, please use it to register when it arrives. This starts with you joining Zoom - it is free to join. Zoom then sends you your passcode to your email address. You now have everything ready for the event day.
On the day of the event your ticket is for and as the start time approaches start zoom and follow the instruction, use your meeting ID, your email address and your passcodeand use the Meeting ID, Passcode.

You can login to your event during the quarter of an hour before the event starts; We open the ‘doors’ 15 minutes before the show starts so that you can get onto Zoom successfully before the performance starts.


Can we ask questions?
You can use the "chat" button to type questions and Gill can answer them during the intermission or at the end of the performance.


Downloading the Zoom App

When you buy a ticket to attend a Video Floral Art Demonstration or attend a Floral Art Workshop, we send you a link that enables you to register for the workshop or Floral Art Demonstration and enables you to download the ZOOM program for your later use.  We advise that you do this as soon as you can to give you as much time to become familiar with this process. Once you have registered and downloaded Zoom you will receive your Passcode from Zoom. All you have to do then is wait for the day and time of your booked performance and then login using your meetingID and the meeting Passcode and do this 15 minutes before the performance you have booked to join.


Do I have to buy a ticket to join Zoom?

If you would like to explore Zoom before buying a ticket you can download Zoom ahead of time from https://zoom.us/download or your Appstore in readiness for your own future event.

Zoom is a great way for us to get together and enjoy the wellbeing this creates while we socially distance ourselves to keep us all safe.



Zoom Video Communications GDPR Compliance Updated: April 13, 2020 - see the full statement - www.zoom.us/gdpr

The protection of private information is fundamental to the trust Zoom users have given us when choosing our service. In order to be compliant with GDPR we have implemented the following updates to our platform and practices. Platform Zoom’s products now feature an explicit consent mechanism for EU users. Existing or new users coming from IP address detected from EU when signing into the Zoom desktop or mobile application, or joining a meeting without being signed in, across any platform (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Web, ChromeOS) will be presented with a one-time privacy policy update. Consent to the updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are stored for compliance purposes. Audio notifications can be enabled for users who are joining a meeting that is being recorded, via the telephone. Visual recording indicators are also present.